Actually, technology has existed since time immemorial, the ancient Roman era. The development of technology is growing dramatically and continues to evolve today.

 Until create objects, techniques that can help people in working things more efficiently and quickly.In its simplest form, technology developments resulting from the development of the old ways or the discovery of a new method in completing tasks like fit traditional crops, make clothes, or build a house.There are three basic classifications of technological developments, namely:• The development of technology neutral (neutral technological progress). Occurs when the level of expenditure (output) achieved higher the quantity and combination of factors income (input) the same.• The development of labor-saving technology (labor-saving technological progress). Technological developments that have occurred since the end of the nineteenth century, much characterized by a rapid increase in labor-saving technology in producing everything from beans to bike up the bridge.• The development of capital-saving technology (capital-saving technological progress). A relatively rare phenomenon. This is mainly because almost all science and technology research in the world is done in developed countries, which is intended to save labor, not capital.
Experience in many developing countries shows that the direct interference in excess, especially in the form of government regulations are too strict, the foreign technology market would hamper the flow of foreign technology to developing countries.The development of technology is very important for human life today. Because the technology is one of the supporting human development. In many parts of society, technology has helped improve the economic, food, computers, and much more
On the other hand a policy 'door for a long time open' to the flow of foreign technology, particularly in the form of foreign direct investment (FDI), it inhibits greater independence in the process of developing technological capabilities of developing countries because dependence is too great on the part of foreign investors, since it is they who make every effort difficult and complex technology.
This is proof that indeed the technology has become a necessity and evenly in every sector of human life. Especially after the invention of computers and laptops, which are now almost all human work has a relationship with a computer or laptop. So inappropriate if the computer is the discovery of the most cutting-edge and most influential in human life.